Duality - a strategic consulting company dedicated to helping organizations grow and prosper in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

Duality specializes in strategy, innovation and management in complex environments and was founded in 2006 by Michal Zigelman.

The company acts as an incubator for research, development and implementation of the method, practice and tools for “complexity thinking” to help managers and organizations effectively face the challenges presented by the digital, network-forward and dynamic world. Duality’s professional team mentors managers, entrepreneurs and organizations at decision-making junctures, helps them craft strategy and define innovation processes all designed to leverage change and develop a competitive advantage for the organization in a disruptive reality.

The team is made up of experts in a variety of strategy and management fields. Together, they guide executives, leaders and decision makers of leading Israeli organizations in the business, defense and governmental sectors. The Bimodal Management™ method is the foundation for all our training and consulting processes. It helps managers develop the ability to see the strategic big picture of the business arena, identify opportunities presented by disruption, make quality decisions and motivate innovation processes that will grant them strength and an ongoing advantage in the disruptive market.

The Bimodal Management™ method is implemented in a variety of management and leadership contexts:

The model responds to the challenges managers and decision makers face when dealing with complexity and uncertainty, such as:

Duality promotes partnerships with experts and thinking partners from a variety of fields, who view change, disruption and uncertainty as an opportunity to grow and generate value.

“Almost always, disruption is an opportunity long before it’s a threat”
Clayton Christensen – HBS

Our guiding principles:

Our guiding principles:

Time is a critical factor in a disruptive market. “No response” is, in fact, also a response, with many implications. To enable our clients to respond quickly, we ensure high availability and a professional and speedy response.

Client centricity

We are focused on the client. All the services we provide focus on addressing the dynamic challenges our clients face and are developed jointly with them. This is done with a single purpose - enabling the client to grow and realize their objectives in a disruptive reality.


When the environment is complex, any imprecision can have far-reaching implications (the butterfly effect). We invest in learning about our customer's issues and work with them to develop flexible solutions that are perfectly tailored to their unique challenges and needs.


Staying relevant - sounds simple, but it is one of the most formidable challenges managers and organizations face in a world where consumer habits and trends change rapidly. It's also a challenge for us! Innovation, openness to experience and daring are our guiding principles as we seek to provide relevant solutions to the evolving needs of our clients.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (Steve Jobs). As in nature, simple principles are at the heart of complex systems. “If it's not simple, it simply won’t be.” That’s our guiding principle in developing tools that will serve our clients in complex situations and will be simple to implement and integrate

Diverse perspectives

When faced with complex challenges, we promote diversity, encourage challenging questions to be asked and openness to a variety of opinions and approaches. We help our clients adopt this approach and implement it ourselves. Duality promotes partnerships with consultants and experts in a wide range of fields. We do this to offer our clients creative solutions based on a multi-system interdisciplinary vision.


Duality operates as a network and a hub of partners in a variety of areas, which share the vision of complexity in the new era. Business partners, thinking partners (think tank), partners on the path to discovery, innovation and generating value for managers and leaders who need to lead in a disruptive world.

We believe that multidisciplinary solutions, creative partnerships and courageous innovation ventures are the key to growth in the networked and dynamic ecosystems in our era and we, ourselves, also implement this principle. Members of the Duality network are leading experts in their diverse fields. Together, we create precise solutions that are at the forefront of professional knowledge in order to help managers, leaders and entrepreneurs lead successfully in a world of rapid and unpredictable change.