Duality’s executive training courses

Duality’s executive training courses are designed for managers, decision makers, executives, innovation leaders and entrepreneurs, who need to show results when faced with complexity, disruption and uncertainty. The training courses, which rely on the Bimodal Management™ model, provide managers and leaders with management skills and innovative tools to help them successfully navigate the disruptive and unpredictable business environment.

Developing technologies, rapid changes, the digital world and social networks – to navigate all this effectively, preserve your advantage and stay relevant in the business world of the 21st century, managers need tools and skills that are in line with the new rules of the game: disruption, uncertainty, speed and complexity. Training through the Bimodal Management™ methodology provides managers with tools that allow them to tackle the most significant challenge managers and organizations face in the new era – the gap between planning and the complex reality.

The training courses were developed by the Duality team and deliver the latest professional knowledge, current practices and tools defined by the world’s leading research institutes as ‘future skills’ – essential management and growth skills in face of the rapid change and uncertainty in the new era.
Each training course is designed uniquely, tailored to the organization, after we have identified and learned about the concrete challenges and issues unique to the world the organization and target audience navigate.
The training courses provide participants with a current perception and a management language that is relevant to environments fraught with change, critical thinking and flexible thinking, tools to make effective decisions in the face of uncertainty, practices to implement flexibility and agility in management, communication tactics and tools, motivation and influence in times of conflict or crisis, strategies to promote innovation and create competitive advantage.

Duality’s training courses relate to the following fields

  1. Effective management in the face of complexity and uncertainty (VUCA environment).
  2. Decision making in the face of uncertainty.
  3. Innovation as a strategy for growth and competitive advantage in a disruptive market.
  4. Risk and opportunity management in a disruptive arena.
  5. Communication, networking and impact under conditions of change and uncertainty.
  6. Vision when faced with complexity – adapting vision and strategy to the new era.

All of the training courses are offered both as frontal lectures, digital classes (via Zoom) or in a hybrid format that combines the two.

The training courses are developed with the objective of making an impact. They are presented experientially and integrate theoretical and practical learning that provides the participants with skills and practices they can implement in the field. The participants are active, do exercises and implement unique tactics and tools using the Bimodal Management™ Model, scenario analysis and implementation of the tools in concrete challenges they face daily.

Thanks to the unique perception and set of tools Duality provides, we help the managers and leaders see the bigger picture, make prudent decisions and kick-start processes of change and innovation that will ensure their organization prospers in the complex business reality of the new era.

Workshops and lectures

Duality workshops are given within organizations and are tailored to address their specific needs and challenges. The workshops, presented by Michal Zigelman along with leading content experts, are designed for executives, innovation leaders, decision makers and entrepreneurs.
Duality lectures are given both within organizations and to wide professional audiences.


Duality’s courses provide managers with the latest professional knowledge along with current tools so that they can effectively and flexibly lead and leverage opportunities in a disruptive environment. They are taught by Michal Zigelman along with recognized leaders in a variety of disciplines and are designed to create a short, practical and high-impact learning process.
The courses are open to a wide professional audience or are tailored to the needs of a specific organization.