Mentoring for executives and entrepreneurs

The objective of mentoring is to guide executives in real time as they grapple with management and business challenges, when they are at decision-making junctures, through strategic thinking and by providing tools to address conditions marked by change and disruption.

Mentoring is an individual process that is provided in a series of meetings focused on the executive’s personal response in complex situations in the face of uncertainty.

1X1 mentoring that applies the bimodal method is provided by Michal Zigelman and is designed for executives who strive to excel, have an impact and maximize their opportunities for professional and personal growth. The mentoring process helps executives hone in on their objectives and direction, make prudent and courageous decisions, and launch a process of change and growth in conditions of disruption and uncertainty. The process, which begins with a diagnostic and design discussion, is tailored to the executive’s personal needs and challenges. The objective is to set out their professional and personal growth curve and help them learn how to generate value and have an impact on their environment.

Benefits of bimodal mentoring for executives: