Michal Zigelman

Michal Zigelman
Michal Zigelman

Founder and CEO of Duality, physicist, an expert in strategy, innovation and decision making in complex and uncertain environments

Michal advises and trains executives and management teams from some of Israel’s leading business, security and government organizations. She serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs, is a lecturer and facilitator on leadership, strategy, decision making, risk management, innovation, communication and motivation - in environments that are marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).
Michal acts as a mentor at the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship (ASE) at the IDC Herzliya and to the innovation team of the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology.
She is also a senior lecturer for the Israeli Directors’ Union (IDU).
She researches Amazon’s leadership and innovation principles and implements them in her work with executives and organizations.
Michal is a pioneer in implementation of physics in the management and business world, an expert in strategy, innovation and decision making in complex and uncertain environments. She specializes in providing management and leadership skills while implementing methodologies and models from the world of physics, complexity science and network theory.
Based on a deep understanding of complex systems which she has acquired over 15 years of research in physics and practical experience in training of managers and decision makers, Michal developed the Bimodal ManagementTM model, a methodology that implements the principles of strength and growth of the complex systems in nature to benefit growth of organizations under conditions of complexity and uncertainty.
The model addresses the most significant challenge organizations and managers face in the 21st century: how do you remain relevant and continue to grow in a market where there is a perpetual gap between planning and reality?
Michal brings a unique physical view of the world to her work with executives and organizations: Change is neither a crisis nor fleeting, but a hallmark of the life of any complex system in nature. Organizations and business environments, being an integral component of nature, work according to the same laws of physics - change and uncertainty are unavoidable, moreover - they offer opportunities for growth.
This vision, which is also the underlying assumption of the model, helps her clients broaden the traditional perception of management to include uncertainty, identify the opportunities change brings, make flexible decisions and motivate innovation processes that result in growth.
Michal holds an MSc in physics from Tel-Aviv University, is a graduate of the Business Leadership Program of the School of Management at Tel-Aviv University, is certified by Harvard Business School in Prof. Clayton Christensen’s Disruptive Strategy method, is PCIL certified in coaching for executives and organizations, and is certified in mediation and conflict resolution.