Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting for companies, businesses and organizations, designed for executives, decision makers, management teams or organizational change and innovation leaders.

Strategic consulting that applies the bimodal method focuses on attaining objectives, creating relevant value for clients and enhancing the ability to compete and grown in a disruptive reality.

The objective in this process is to help management make prudent decisions, confidently navigate complex business challenges and kick-start effective innovation processes that will position the organization as a competitive player in the rapidly changing business arena.

Michal Zigelman and Duality’s team of professional experts will join the manager or management team for a brief and focused process at decision-making junctures when they are responding to a change or crisis or planning change and innovation processes. As part of Duality’s work, we provide the organization with tools and the skills it needs to address complex challenges independently now and in the future: to see the big picture with all its complexities, to understand the complex ecosystem in which it operates, to identify threats in time and transform them into opportunities.

The process is tailored precisely to the organization after learning about their unique needs, objectives and challenges.

What are the benefits of bimodal consulting?